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Why AirMaster is the best carpet for indoor air quality

Discover one of the most innovative ways to improve air quality. DESSO AirMaster has been engineered to release dust easily during cleaning, ensuring that the carpet retains its advanced filtering functionality.

Easy to clean

Regular cleaning is important for every flooring solution and the DESSO AirMaster is no exception. Good maintenance ensures it continues to perform to its best over time, continuously retaining fine dust from the indoor air.

During vacuum cleaning, more than 80% of the captured dust is released by DESSO AirMaster, which is a 16% improvement over standard carpets. Additionally, the air speed at the core of the carpet structure is 55% higher compared to standard carpets, further enhancing dust release.

Proven effectiveness

DESSO AirMaster is 8 times more effective at capturing and retaining fine dust than smooth flooring solutions. It is also 4 times more effective than standard carpet solutions. This alone led to a GUI Gold label in 2010 as the first product in the market, followed by the GUI Gold Plus label in 2015.

Further studies

Studies continue to show that textile floor coverings help to improve indoor air quality.

According to Fraunhofer WKI, particulate matter is the most significant pollutant in terms of the impact on human health.

Research by TNO shows that textile floor coverings absorb more particulates from the air than a smooth surface with the concentration of fine dust is significantly reduced with AirMaster.

A study carried out by Radboud University found that the concentration of fine dust in a school classroom was dramatically reduced over a two-week period using a Philips air purifier and a DESSO AirMaster carpet. In fact, particulate matter was reduced by 60-90% during the weekend and 30-50% during the week.

AirMaster Clears the Air

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