Improving indoor air quality since 2010

Tracing the development of sustainable carpet flooring

We have pioneered sustainable carpet flooring for office design and beyond and DESSO AirMaster has contributed to people’s health and wellbeing since 2010, by helping to improve indoor air quality.

Evolution in design

Thereafter, there have been continuous developments to the product design and only four years after the launch, five more collections were added.

As of 2017, DESSO AirMaster comes with the EcoBase backing as standard and from 2018, it is made with a low antimony primary backing called Colback Gold®. And more innovations are in the pipeline!


A short timeline of our continuous innovations:


AirMaster Classic

First carpet to be awarded with GUI Gold label

AirMaster Blend


AirMaster Atmos, AirMaster Cosmo, AirMaster Oxy, AirMaster Sphere and Create your own AirMaster


First and only carpet to be awarded with GUI Gold Plus label

AirMaster Atmos colour extensions, Desert AirMaster

Standard with EcoBase backing

AirMaster Earth, AirMaster Tones

Standard with low antimony tufting carrier

AirMaster Gold Collection

The first AirMaster collection that is Cradle to Cradle Gold level Certified™

Even more to come in the future

AirMaster Clears the Air

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