The carpet that contributes to people’s health and wellbeing

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  • Town Hall of Almere


    DESSO AirMaster® 4406, 9091, 9502, 9511, 3118, 8208, 4208, DESSO AirMaster® Sphere 9091, 9096
  • Gazelle


    DESSO AirMaster® 9084
  • Green Building

    United Kingdom

    DESSO AirMaster® Sphere 6117, 9107
  • RIBA

    United Kingdom

    DESSO AirMaster® Sphere 9107
  • Stansted Airport

    United Kingdom

    DESSO AirMaster® 7218
  • Municipality of Breda


    DESSO Desert AirMaster® 8834, 9525, 9097, 9970, DESSO AirMaster® Sphere 6422, DESSO Rock 6102

We need a breath of fresh air in the workplace

It is clear that we need to rethink workplace design with people's physical and mental wellbeing as the starting point. There needs to be a real consideration for how businesses can go about reducing indoor pollution and improve the quality of the air we breathe.

How clean air improves your business

People spend on average 90% of their time indoors

AirMaster® Clears the Air

How does it work?

Improving indoor air quality can raise productivity up to 5%

Cradle to Cradle® certified

Today, the entire DESSO AirMaster range is at least Cradle to Cradle Silver level-certified, with EcoBase backing as standard. In 2019 we added the AirMaster Gold Collection to our product range, with a Cradle to Cradle Gold level-certification.

Our vision on sustainability

Proven effectiveness

DESSO AirMaster captures harmful fine dust more effectively than any other flooring solution, and can play a fundamental role in designing a healthy workplace.

Secret to improving indoor air quality and health

Evolution in design and sustainable carpet materials

DESSO AirMaster has contributed to people’s health and wellbeing since 2010 by helping to improve indoor air quality while supporting sustainable office design.

Tracing the development of sustainable carpet flooring

Proven Benefits

DESSO AirMaster is 8 times more effective at capturing and retaining fine dust than smooth flooring solutions.

Easy to clean and further benefits

Happier, healthier customers

In a nutshell...

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Desert AirMaster®

AirMaster® Sphere

AirMaster® Atmos

AirMaster® Tones

AirMaster® Earth

AirMaster® Tierra Gold

AirMaster® Salina Gold

AirMaster® Nazca Gold

AirMaster® Savera

AirMaster® Savera Shade

AirMaster Clears the Air

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Download our product guide