Food for thought
The air that we inhale has a strong impact on our health. As we spend on average 90% of our time indoors, a healthy indoor environment is vital. There are many more dust particles in our homes than we often think. Dust particles can cause breathing problems, but cannot be seen with the naked eye. They are inhaled because they stay floating in the air. A lot of people don't realise that...

How healthy do you want your home to be?
Desso has developed a new innovative carpet to improve the air quality in your home: DESSO AirMaster® for Home. This carpet absorbs dust particles better than other floors. DESSO AirMaster® for Home strongly reduces the amount of dust particles swirling in the air as a result of doors opening or children playing, for example. The dust particles are trapped by the unique threads in the carpet until it is time to vacuum clean again. The carpet thus reduces the amount of dust particles that we breathe in, creating a healthier indoor climate.