Easy to Clean

The open structure of DESSO AirMaster® ensures that the captured dust particles are easily removed for maximum regeneration of the carpet’s filtering capacity. The high/low construction and the space between the thick and the thin yarns create optimal air circulation when vacuuming.

Tests indicate that over 80% of the dust is released by the carpet during vacuum cleaning, which is a 16% improvement over standard carpets1. Additional tests indicate that during vacuum cleaning, the airspeed at the core of the carpet structure is 55% higher compared to standard carpets2, resulting in improved dust release.

The vacuum cleaner must have a properly functioning filter, for example S-class or HEPA, preventing the fine dust from blowing back into the air again. A regular and thorough cleaning and maintenance programme is important for every flooring solution. Good maintenance enables the DESSO AirMaster® to perform to its best over time retaining fine dust from the indoor air.


1 Tests performed by Philips Floorcare, applying 350W of airpower and a tri-active nozzle (tested acc. 60312)
2 Tests performed by BOND Textile Research with DESSO AirMaster® versus standard structured loop pile carpet